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6 Trigger Words And Questions Every Landlord Should Listen For

July 15, 2022

You can hardly turn on a television or read a newsfeed where you don’t encounter the term “trigger words.”  While there are some universally accepted trigger words, like racial or ethnic slurs, most people or groups have their own unique lexicon of words that send them immediately into orbit.  Our industry is no different, and over the years the way we identify the players in our game have even fallen victim.  In many circles, “landlords” are now more generically referred to as “housing providers,” while tenants are now more often called “residents.”

As a landlord (I can call myself that because I am one) for more than 20 years, I have encountered thousands of applicants who are looking to rent my property.  In looking at them as a potential “business partner,” I engage several of my senses to get a read on what kind of potential partner they might be.  More important than anything, I listen closely to the questions they ask as we tour the property.  The following is a list of the top trigger words or phrases that every landlord, old and new, should intently listen for to ensure they are getting the best possible read on a person for their property and partnership.

Disclaimer: Being presented these questions doesn’t always mean the applicant is a definite no-go, but it should put you on notice.   Always make decisions from your detailed criteria.

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