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About the Rental Housing Association

Get to know your Rental Housing Association

The Rental Housing Association - serving Southern Alameda County is your Rental Housing Specialist.

In conjunction with the California Apartment Association (CAA), the RHA is dedicated to preserving and enhancing rental housing in Southern Alameda County.

  • By providing education, information, local governmental advocacy, services and products, we help our members operate their rental property successfully and profitably.
  • RHA is the local leader in promoting fair and ethical rental housing practices amongst rental property owners and managers.

We are part of the California Apartment Association Network, and that means you are automatically a member of both RHA and CAA.

CAA monitors your interests in Sacramento, providing direct support to the RHA and other network partners with seamless representation from San Diego to Eureka.

  • Professional owners and managers across the State are taking advantage of association membership.
  • Protect your investment and take advantage of all of the benefits that the RHA has to offer.