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Tough Times Ahead… Analyze More Than Just an Applicants’ Income

July 15, 2022

Everyone loves a good survivor story.  Whether it is a group of 12 boys rescued from a cave in Thailand or the indomitable spirit of a soldier who endured more than two and a half years as a POW during World War II, these stories strike a chord with all of us.  Naturally we put ourselves into the shoes of the survivors and wonder if we would have what it takes to make it through such an ordeal.  For the vast majority of us, we will never experience anything even close to the life-or-death battle that these people have, but we do face challenges in an industry that is ever changing and bringing new challenges on what feels like a monthly basis.

If I were to build a survivor’s guidebook for investors in today’s challenging market, near the top of the list would be these three questions about employment:

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