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The Blame Game is a No-Win for Landlords

Guns in apartments have become a heated issue in many states so what liability may landlords have when it comes to guns or weapons on their rental property and who is to blame if something goes wrong? Attorney Denny Dobbins explores this issue.

By Denny Dobbins

If you have spent more than 30 seconds in the last year watching cable news, you are more than familiar with something called “the blame game.”

Regardless of political party affiliation, age, race, gender, sexual orientation or any of a host of other categories, it appears that our society has become a place of great divide.

As a landlord you are not immune to this growing epidemic of blame and, in fact, you’re likely to take more than your fair share of blame when it comes to tenants and their problems.  After all, those same media outlets have spent years painting the picture of the big, bad landlord, creating an evil, money-focused image that even the happiest of tenants sometimes buy into believing.

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